CareerMentor Awards Denmark 2020

Celebrating our Mentors and Mentees within the Danish Mentoring community

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About CareerMentor Awards (CMA)

CareerMentor Awards is an yearly Danish award ceremony to recognize outstanding mentors and mentees in our community. We want to celebrate all the Mentors for their commitment and willingness to make a difference for the next generation of us. We want to celebrate mentees who make significant progress and evolve their talents through mentorships. This is a dedicated award ceremony to embrace and support mentorships in Denmark.

CareerMentor awards 2020 timeline


Here are the following categories for CareerMentor Awards:

CareerMentor awards 2020 category

1. Mentor Of The Year

Awarded to honor an individual who has provided significant support and guidance by empowering a less experienced person to develop his/her skills and career through an agreed one-to-one mentorship

CareerMentor awards 2020 category

2. Mentee Of The Year (Coming soon)

Awarded to honor a talent who has shown significant progress in his/her career and achieved success and learnings through the experience and process from an agreed one-to-one mentorship with a mentor

Jury panel

CareerMentor awards jury person

Mickey Maymann

CEO Adecco Group Denmark

Adecco logo
CareerMentor awards jury person

Janne Schwaner

Board member CareerMentor

Selection Committee

CareerMentor awards committee person

Tomas Zhang Mathiesen

Co-founder CareerMentor

CareerMentor awards committee person

Henrik Herland Boelsmand

Co-founder CareerMentor

CareerMentor awards committee person

Ditte Burmøllle Knudsen

Co-founder CareerMentor

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  • 2020 is the first time we are facilitating the CareerMentor Awards, and the team decided to start with just one category instead of multiple with limited resources. In the future, we are planning more categories such as; Mentee of the year, Female mentor of the year, People's choice awards etc.

  • A Mentor is someone who has an agreed one-on-one mentorship with mentees for the purpose of guiding and advising on their careers. This is normally done through fixed scheduled meetings in agreed time of periods.

  • Yes. We do not require some sort of a contract and evidence to prove that you have a mentor. As long as you see a specific person as your Mentor, you can nominate that person for this award. (we recommend to let that person know after your nomination)

  • Yes. But the Mentor of the Year is targeted to current mentees, who can nominate their current or previous mentors. If you are a Mentor yourself, you can nominate another Mentor from past mentorships. You do not need to be an active mentee or in a current mentorship to nominate a mentor.

  • Yes. Due to GDPR, we highly recommend that you inform the person that you have nominated and inform them about the data you have provided on their behalf.

  • CareerMentor Awards Denmark is an initiative owned and established by a non-profit organization CareerMentor and in a collaboration with KMP+.

  • The Jury and the selection committee will look for a Mentor who has shown significant dedication and clear evidence of success for his/her mentees. The Mentor will also be rated based on the feedback from his mentees and the information provided in the nomination form.

  • Yes. You can nominate yourself, but we recommend references that we might reach out to as well.

  • All our categories are related to the Danish community, which means that candidates who provide and practice mentorships outside Denmark will not be taken into consideration for the Mentor of the Year for example.

  • Besides from your own experiences and honest feedback with your candidates, we will need some basic contact information such as; Full name, email and phone number. Both on you and your candidates, if we need to conduct a further assessment or interview.